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Several months ago, I was minding my own business and nursing a torn left bicep muscle suffered when Chauncie decided to chase a cat and squirrel at the same moment — the moment for me being unguarded as I was glibly chatting with a neighbor.


Chauncie is a 70 lb mixed-breed — a mix between a drool bucket and love sponge! Weak she is not. It is not uncommon for passing school boys and girls to say, “Gee mister, you have a neat dog, but it looks kind of scary!”

When Facebook suggested friends in my area, A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio came up, and I immediately thought, “now that is exactly what I need — more vitality!” And my arm could use some treatment too. So I called Amanda.

Amanda Barnett is the force behind the Valley of Vitality Wellness Center. An R.N. and nationally-certified massage therapist, she knows what she is doing. And the introductory special doesn’t hurt either. During our small-talk she found out about my love of photography. I interrupted her, “I know what you want — a Web Commercial.” “How did you know?” she asked. I am sure that I said something stupid like, “doesn’t everyone?” But that conversation led to what for me is a growing respect for this professional, and I can’t say enough about her knowledge and skill. She has helped to neutralize the effects of Chauncie on my arms.

A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio

Today I went over to the studio to get some pick-up shots for the web commercial. Amanda has expanded the facility with additional services like far-infrared (FIR) sauna. While I was there, I made several images of the rooms including the ones above and below.

Therapy Room 1

And still more:

Far-infrared Suana

And another therapy room (Amanda’s business sense has enabled her to expand the business recently):

One of several therapy rooms

Highly recommend!


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