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Entering Sedona (Again)

I can never refuse Wolfs Robe when he calls. I was happy to have my friend, Bridge along to hold the light pistol to open up some of the shadows from the strong Arizona sun. Normally, I prefer to shoot under cover, as my late friend and mentor, Monte Zucker would do. But Wolf has his favorite spots.

Here I turn his body away from the light and have him look back toward the sun:

Wolfs Robe

Of course you don’t see Bridge holding the light pistol:

Using a light pistol to 'open' shadows.

Next time I’ll bring a hat and more sun screen.


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The locals say they have not seen snow stick in Prescott this long in many years. Looking south over Watson Lake to the Prescott Resort at sunset 2 weeks after the first major snow of the Winter of 2010 shows a persistent blaket.

Watson Lake

Looking north from the same location is a striking view with the identifying snow-covered peaks near Flagtaff, AZ in the background.

Watson Lake

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