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Wolfs Robe and I have made Native American flute videos in northern Sedona, AZ on Oak Creek. But I have been wanting to go back to the south of town to make images in the gentle rapids. This is were we took Regina and Shannon Angelique to have some summer fun.

There is something quite magical about the green waters of the creek surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona. Even so, it took a little coaxing to get the girls into the water; it was a little cold and the rocks were slippery. But the results were worth it:

Regina and Shannon

I am looking to go back to this spot as the seasons change to see how the creek behaves throughout the year.

Technical data:
Camera: Canon 60D
ISO 100
F J Westcott Monte Illuminator


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Wasn’t there a book about this? I found myself driving a nice lady to her doctor’s appointment today and as we turned onto “doctor’s row,” there was a lemonade stand. I slowed down and said that I would be right back after going to the doctor’s office. The three entrepreneurs seemed genuinely excited and trusted that I would return … which I did presently.

A brief search of the internet confirms my suspicion that there are many reasons not to pass up a lemonade stand. And I will leave that to you to investigate. But today, I feel like I was the one rewarded. Because when I returned, I was greeted with this vision of innocence and hope.

Never pass by a lemonade stand!

I was thrilled when the hot dog agreed to pose for me. At $0.50, I got a real bargain!

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My neighbor called and burst out, “Look outside to the north.” When I did I said my thanks and apologies for hanging up and grabbed a camera. This scene is typical of the next 30 minutes.

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