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“Let’s try Lynx Lake Cafe for breakfast,” Mike said.

I displayed my lack of Prescott, AZ lore without keen self-awareness by answering, “Where’s that?”

A turn at Costco and suddenly you are in the Prescott “Recreation Area” surrounded by pinyon pines and juniper. A couple of miles up the road and we turn off to see a cottage-like building beyond a parking lot. Nothing special yet. Then we step out of the car and walk toward the entrance. The smell of burning juniper wisps through the chilly morning air in February. And then I see it: Lynx Lake, and all reservations are forgotten.

Lynx Lake, Prescott, AZ

We open the screen door and pass an inviting fireplace and on to the picture windows over-looking the lake.

The Fireplace at the Lynx Lake Cafe

I must be getting old and sentimental because a year later, I invite Damon and Regina to breakfast to relive the romance of the venue. I look up and see them with the lake beyond and notice they are both otherwise occupied.

Let there be texting!

There is a ‘teachable moment’ here. I just haven’t learned it yet.


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Upon their first meeting, my brother continued with his examination of Gina: “…it’s a good thing that you are pretty – you could get away with wearing any color of hair!”

Translation: “I hate your hair color!”

I thought this was a little bizarro coming from my brother, as he has cultivated his reputation in the family as the avant garde, worldly rebel. I can’t now diplomatically say what he used to send out for Christmas Cards (maybe I’ll find and old one and scan it someblog).

"I miss the aqua hair!"

Some months later, my suspicions concerning the direct link between my brother and Mother were confirmed when upon seeing Gina, the first thing out of her mouth was not hello but: “You don’t have blue hair — I heard that your hair was blue!”

Maybe I have changed and no longer reject out-of-hand what my younger brother thinks, because I do agree with him that Gina is lovely – although without his conditions that pass judgement upon any body modifications. She seems to me like a rare exotic bird – a special person that my son was lucky enough to marry.

So it was a double joy to take a family drive last summer over to Jerome for breakfast.

There are at least two places that I now do not want to miss while in Jerome:

1. The Mile-high Grill (and Inn), and

2. Nellie Bly.

The former I patronize for breakfast — the latter for the pure joy of seeing their massive inventory of Kaleidoscopes.

So while passing through Jerome earlier this week, I was visited again by the warm memories of that summer outing. The staff at Nellie Bly were more than accommodating; they allowed me to put a Canon G12 camera up to one of them to capture this image:

A Kaleidoscope at Nellie Bly in Jerome, AZ

Upon seeing the cinemagraph of herself, Gina mused, “I miss the aqua hair!”

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