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Wolfs Robe

Wolfs Robe

Wolfs Robe

When your in Sedona, look up Wolfs Robe. A performer and educator, this “100% Shawnee” Native American gives a unique perspective to his rich cultural heritage.

Wolf’s lovely wife, Denise and I followed him out onto the red rocks in Sedona at sunset in March, 2009. The air was chill, so I gave him a blue fox pelt and lit him from behind and to the right with radio-controlled flash and “kicked” a second flash from directly behind him. I ‘dragged’ the shutter to allow the Sedona sunset to flow richly into the background.

When I first saw this image,  I was stunned at its beauty… It almost seems to call forth the memories of the spirits of the ancestors. This image is directly out of the camera, un-retouched.



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