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Sam. A friend in deed.
I never get tired of still photography sessions. In the following collage, I am lucky enough to have made images with two loving sisters who took the time out of their drive to a friend’s wedding to sit for me.

My friend, Sam hosted us at his home in Los Angeles. We spent 30 minutes making images before the girls had to move on – but the time was so well-spent. I had every intention of using Sam’s immaculate gardens to frame the images. But as we chatted while waiting for the girls to arrive, I couldn’t help noticing the elegant simplicity of Sam’s house. Indoors, it was peaceful, and there were framed windows with wispy, white laces and deep green fabrics. And the master bedroom was airy and done in woods and chenille. In every room, light was coming from two directions — almost as if they had be designed with portraiture in mind.

The interior of the house was too much for me to ignore. I asked Sam if he would mind if we shot indoors and he agreed, but not before joking about how the price of the photography permit would escalate accordingly. (I hope he was joking). I believe any thoughts that he had of charging me quickly were forgotten when he saw the ladies walking up to his front door.

When Christine and Vivian arrived, I immediately put Vivian in a wooden chair I pulled from the dining room to the front room picture window and began to shoot. To ‘sweeten’ the picture window images, I used a Quantum Q Flash aimed through a diffuser, and a Canon Speedlite on 1/64 power behind the model. For the balance of the shots, I either went with natural light or natural light and a Monte silver reflector by FJ Westcott.

“Billy, please make find-a-husband pictures.”
Shortly after we began, Vivian said something like, “these pictures, I hope will be good enough for us to find good husbands!” Christine chimed in, “Yes, Billy. Make us our ‘find-a-husband’ pictures.” So I said, “not a problem,” and positioned each one successively in front of the master bedroom window and invited each to look out the window between the layers of chiffon as if by doing so would cause that future person to suddenly appear.

I just love how rich the images look. After the shoot, surprisingly a little tired from working so quickly, I took Sam for an early dinner as a small token of my thanks for being able to use his wonderful home to make the images.

Had the sisters not been on their way to the wedding, we could have spent several hours and a host of wardrobe changes before exhausting ourselves and the space.

A couple of weeks before, I had photographed Christine at the 9-11 remembrance at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. The images are at the end of the collage.

The results:

I hope you like what we made.


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