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A Man’s Morning
Mike’s wife, Susan was attending a reunion, so Mike and I were able to have a man’s-morning-out. It does not get better than an all-you-can-stand breakfast at the Golden Corral followed by an early movie matinee — the latest James Bond breath-taking, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping thriller “Skyfall.”

In Prescott, the well-done bacon at the Golden Corral breakfast buffet is legendary. So after breakfast, we continued our morning’s agenda with a ‘nothing-can-go-wrong’ attitude.

When we arrived in line at the Harkin’s Theater, I overheard the patrons in front of me say “two seniors for Skyfall.” The ticket-seller replied, “That will be five dollars each.”

Five dollars? (I’m from LA — nothing costs five dollars!)  So I was thrilled to get my ticket and approach the twenty-something ticket-taker inside.

Harkin’s 14 Theaters, Prescott Valley, AZ

A Man’s Mourning

Forgetting for a moment (as most men and four-star generals do) that from her point of view, I look like I should probably be playing Bingo somewhere, I attempted to be clever:

ME (handing the Skyfall ticket to PERKY, the pretty, red-haired ticket-taker)

You, of course can’t relate to this, but one of the good things about getting older is (pause) getting into movies for five bucks!”


“Yes, as a matter of fact I can! Both of my parents are at such an age that they can get in for that price!”

ME (to MIKE)

“I guess she put us in our place.”


“I don’t know …  at least she didn’t say her grandparents!”


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