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“You Mean It’s Not ‘All About Me’?”

Somehow, Brian Wilson‘s lyrics make more sense to me as I get older.  Whenever I start to monopolize a conversation, I begin to hear some of those lyrics plus some other quotes from my working days.  A couple of favorites come to mind:

“Well, I guess I should’ve kept my mouth shut when I started to brag about my car ….”

Brian Wilson, Don’t Worry, Baby


“So … that’s your take on it — is it, Bill?”

-Unnamed executive

Weed-Whackers Unite!

“Captain, there be weeds here!”

But, I guess it still doesn’t stop me from pontificating at times.  And this morning, I found myself wondering if I should’ve kept my mouth shut when I started to talk about … weed-whacking.

I love my friend, Susan.  Her husband, Mike and I can have a conversation about just about anything — including weed-whacking!

You see, here in Arizona after the monsoon season is in full swing, we take our weed-whacking a bit seriously.  Suddenly, the streets are lined with wildflowers and weeds.  And just as suddenly last week, all conversations  turned to the disposition of weeds:

My neighbor:

“Well, I’d better go borrow-back my weed-whacker from the fire station … I should really  get rid of these weeds before they go to seed.  I may be a little late already!”

Mike (anticipatory expression waning):

“Oh, you only have an electric weed-whacker?  I need to borrow a gas-powered one.”

Sears Salesman:

“Oh, you have the bump-fed electric one?  And it works for you???”

My other neighbor:

(The whirring of a powerful weed-whacker 50 yards in the distance).


Before moving to Arizona, I had no idea that there were so many choices and decisions concerning this whacking business.  I am just a simple city-boy.  To get the job done right, one must consider a number of inter-related options, including but not limited to:

  • Electric, Battery or Gasoline-Powered;
  • String Gauge;
  • Bump or automatic string feed;
  • etc, etc etc.


A Case of Whacker-Envy

I have to admit that after hearing the familiar whirring sound next door earlier this week, I had looked on the resulting absence of weeds with envy.  And, I was further humbled when I compared my neighbor’s whacker to my own.

His was clearly bigger — much bigger!  Just look at that fat red string — clearly more stout than my consumer-grade blue!  And his results were equally more handsome!

A Bit of Perspective?

All of what I have just told you,  I was sharing with Mike when Susan without solicitation and unexpectedly interjected under her breath into the conversation the quote in the title of this blog entry:

“Just listen to  what your life has come to!”

Of course, an emergency room nurse might well take that point of view with impunity, I consoled myself.

Upon Some Cogent Reflection

And  — who knows — I might think longer and deeper about the implications and merits of Susan’s observations on the state of my life … but I really need to whack my weeds before they go to seed!

‘Susan’ at Breakfast


Now, some months later, I must be an experienced [weed] whacker, because I am so confident that I cannot hesitate to volunteer to help out anywhere.  Here, three whackers survey their recent accomplishments with pride:

Weed whackers surveying their ample accomplishments

(I wish that I could say more about the boots being an Arizona fashion statement, but no need to reenforce the obvious).


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